We enrich children’s lives and help them gain self-esteem.

From “cradle to career”

To truly improve the lives of the most impoverished children, we firmly believe you need a holistic approach that addresses their needs throughout their life-cycle. We provide support, care and nurturing—in addition to the basics that others take for granted. For example, when we support a school, we try to incorporate not just formal education, but counseling, nutrition, healthcare, music, dance, and more. And we support projects that serve children of varying ages—from infancy to young adulthood. Our goal is to develop the confidence and skills of children and young people, and we do this by equipping them with the tools they need to realize their dreams.

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Serving India via a multitude of projects

A small group that started supporting one preschool project with $1,000 for 70 children in 1992 has grown into an organization supporting more than 20 projects, reaching thousands of children across India. Our services make a meaningful difference in the lives of children.

At Children’s Hope India we don’t just show the way, we walk together.


Not just a funding agency

CHI is not just a funding agency but a partner and supporter to local nonprofits and initiatives in India, the U.S., and crisis-hit regions. We believe in creating partnerships with organizations that share our vision. Rather than always starting from the ground up we often work with existing organizations that have strong leadership and deep ties to the community.

We are a full life-cycle organization, which identifies and selects partners, initiates new projects or new locations and monitors their progress and performance throughout the year. Our board members regularly visit partner projects, providing critical oversight, and steering their growth via regular feedback, reports, and updates from program managers. We set and achieve goals all while keeping overhead costs low.

Empowering local communities

To effect change, we realize we have to address wider social and economic issues in the communities we work in. We support projects that tackle challenges such as HIV and AIDS, drug abuse, and violence against women. We also raise awareness of the importance of hygiene, nutrition and family planning. We empower women with self-help groups and run micro-finance initiatives to help them gain a livelihood. Learn about some of our community initiatives.

Powered by our volunteers

We strongly believe that the key to any successful organization is its people. CHI initiatives are the result of a dedicated team who volunteer their time and efforts. With low overhead costs, our operational structure allows us to direct the vast majority of donations and grant money directly to initiatives and projects. Each member of the CHI family ensures the highest standards of accountability and transparency to enable the success of our initiatives. Meet our board.

CH2 – next generation of leaders

In order to ensure continuity and the long-term success of CHI, we created a junior board, called CH2. These young leaders work diligently to create awareness and raise funds for Children’s Hope India projects among students and young professionals in the U.S. The group holds events and is actively involved in our efforts to create meaningful change. Find out more about CH2.

Become a part of the Children’s Hope India movement

CHI continues to reach out to communities across India and the US. We are constantly adding innovative new initiatives. To achieve these goals we need your support, learn how you can join us and make a difference.