We were founded on the belief that every child counts.

Children’s Hope India (CHI) helps children and families progress from poverty to prosperity. We do this by partnering with local organizations that improve access to education, medical care, shelter, social services, and job skills training. And we support initiatives that improve communities and foster an environment where change is possible. Over the years we have helped to give hundreds of thousands of children and their families the capacity and courage to achieve their dreams.


The situation of impoverished children in India deserves our attention.

India is home to the largest number of children in the world, but many languish in severe poverty. Malnutrition, stunting and disease are the common denominators for many. And while the country has made progress in improving the percentage of children in primary school, the school drop-out rate is high. The reasons for this abound: early marriage, long distances to schools, limited transportation, dangers en route, household chores, lack of funds, and the need to take care of younger siblings. Girls are particularly likely to be affected; about one-third drop out for these reasons.

Improving these children’s access to education, medical and social services is critical to improving their chances of leading a better life.

Small beginnings…

The first project CHI ever funded was an orphanage in Mumbai. On a budget of $1000, the organization supported approximately 70 children offering them regular meals, shelter, activities such as painting–as well as provided counseling services to older children. The project was an early success and helped set the foundation on a course for future growth. Today, Children’s Hope India supports more than 20 projects across India, as well as a few initiatives in the United States and in crisis-hit countries like the Philippines. Our work improves children’s health and education prospects, and the communities they live in. Learn more about CHI’s initiatives.

Why Children’s Hope India?

At its core CHI is a volunteer-led initiative. Our dedicated members and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure we are constantly evolving and improving our initiatives. A holistic model allows us to judiciously control expenses, while providing projects the capital to grow. Over the last five years, 90% of donations have gone directly towards initiatives. We realize that to create lasting change in India we need to combine education with grassroots efforts that empower women, children and the community. Your support helps us maintain the momentum we have built over the last 25 years. Learn more about the CHI approach and how you can help.