chi_education1Children’s Hope India believes that every child should be able to get an education, a central guiding principle of our work. The form that this education takes varies from child to child, from community to community. Where possible, we take the “cradle to career” approach—providing the foundation, at a young age, upon which children can strive toward a brighter future and then helping them along this path.

From non-formal learning opportunities to college scholarships, our work enables children and young adults to grow, learn, and succeed in a quickly changing world.

While India can claim improvements in recent years in terms of enrollment in its schools, girls are still underrepresented, proportionally. A key focus for Children’s Hope India is creating an equal playing field so that girls have the same opportunities to go to school as boys.

But we have seen many success stories. Using a variety of approaches, the projects we support have enabled children in India and in the United States to grow up to become doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, social workers, accountants, and officers of the Indian Air Force.

Our initiatives encompass:

Educate A Child

Children’s Hope India is proud to launch our Educate-A-Child program in partnership with the Laxmidevi Vikyomal Shroff School & Prerna Kiran Public School in Bhopal, India.


Your donation covers all educational expenses for the child – including school fees, text books, note books, stationery, calculator, uniform, and sweater. In addition, the child is provided medical coverage and a mid-day nutritious meal. While in school, students are encouraged to get vocational training, coaching for standardized exams, and earn scholarships or qualify for additional monthly rations in special cases.

As part of your donation, you will receive details of the child, including a photograph, as well as a yearly report on their progress. We can also facilitate an on-site visit and/or provide you with an opportunity to have a live video chat.

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Mobile Schools

In July, Childrens Hope India started a Mobile School to travel to areas in the outskirts of Delhi where children do not have easy access to school. The project was launched in partnership with Salaam Balak Trust, an organization with extensive experience in working with street children. The traveling team includes 2 teachers, 1 social worker, 1 coordinator, and a driver, and launched with 172 enrolled children.

mobile bus

The bus route includes areas in Mansarover Park, Shastri Park, and Vivek Vihar. The buses stop in each area for 2 hours, and include lessons in Math, Science, English, Hindi, and Social Sciences. Additionally, the teachers play games and lead discussions and prayers with the children. A snack is also provided to each child.

mobile education kids

The buses stop in each area for 2 hours, and include lessons in Math, Science, English, Hindi, and Social Sciences. Additionally, the teachers play games and lead discussions and prayers with the children. A snack is also provided to each child.

Extracurricular Activities

Cricket SquadAlmost as important as ensuring an education is providing the opportunity to play sports and explore the arts and other interests. In poorer families, children are rarely allowed to be children and pushed into the adult world too soon. We support projects that allow them to develop interests like dance, arts and crafts, and to play sports like cricket. These activities allow them to express themselves, gain confidence and self-esteem, and stay fit. Additionally, we have initiated training in all of our projects for girls to learn self-defense. With the rise of violence against girls, we believe it is crucial that girls are empowered to protect themselves and to live fully engaged in their communities, without fear.

Higher Education Scholarships

Many smart, highly motivated children that attend school are not able to afford college, and their dreams are left unrealized. But Children’s Hope India is doing its small part by partnering with organizations and institutions—from Chandigarh to Kolkata to New York—in supporting scholarships that cover tuition and other costs. As a result, promising students can get a higher education and pursue their passions. We believe we are helping to cultivate tomorrow’s great minds and leaders.

“Your scholarship has inspired me to one day help students like you do. I take this to be another incentive for me to try hard in school and achieve my goals.” –Saveendra Wijebandara, recipient of CHI scholarship to Baruch College. Originally from Sri Lanka, Saveendra is the first in her family to attend college

Formal Education

For many children in India, the fees associated with going to school: uniforms, shoes, and books can be prohibitively expensive. Children’s Hope India works to remove some of these barriers so that children can go to school. In projects from Mumbai to Jabalpur, we pay for these essential items and cover the costs so that parents can afford to send their children to school.

Non-formal Education

For many children, especially those who spend their days roaming the streets, begging for money, or doing chores or labor, spending hours in school is not a feasible option. That’s why we support projects that get children off the streets and that provide non-formal educational opportunities.

Often this is the first time these children have been in a classroom, and the experience starts to open their minds. Non-formal education is crucial in instilling a thirst for knowledge, providing strong fundamentals, and improving cognitive, language, and social skills. It also eases the transition and makes it more likely they will go to school. Parents also come to recognize the importance of education and the new avenues it opens up for their children.

Crèches (Day Care Centers) and Pre-school Balwadis

Early education can have long-lasting impact on a child’s intellectual growth, development, and life prospects. Children’s Hope India recognizes that it can be crucial to foster an environment of learning, and that play provides many opportunities. We support projects ranging from small day care centers for infants and toddlers in urban slums to preschools that develop social skills and that motivate young children to enter school when they are of age.

Preschools (called balwadis) for 3—5 year olds provide a nurturing and safe place for learning. The children learn numbers, colors, shapes, songs, poems, songs, dance, and play sports. And day care (crèches) for toddlers free up older siblings—especially girls, who would otherwise be kept home to watch over the younger children—to attend school. This care also allows their mothers to work.

Remedial Classes

Many older children in school end up dropping out because they fall behind and find it impossible to catch up with their peers. To stem this drop out rate, Children’s Hope India supports remedial classes that provide academic teaching, support, and the encouragement they often lack at home. Extra tutoring in subjects like reading, math, science, English, and computers improve students’ prospects in school and make it more likely they will graduate.

“What I am today is all because of Children Hope Prayas.” –Bobby, now a nurse at Garima Clinic

If India enrolled 1% more girls in secondary school, its GDP would rise by $5.5 billion.

(CIA World Factbook) (Global Campaign for Education and RESULTS Education Fund).

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