Bright children from the poorest socioeconomic strata need an extra leg up to fulfill their career ambitions. CHI’s scholarships support talented students and give them quality education and the necessary tools to achieve professional success and financial independence. Our graduates are engaged in degrees in law, management, pharmacology, naturopathy, science, and commerce. 

For  their commitment to these young people our heartfelt thanks go to:

  •  The Sani Family Foundation
  •  The Khashu Family Higher Education Program
  • The Krishnamurthy-Tandon Foundation

Success Stories

SICW | Namita – GNM Training

Namita is a 21 year old girl from West Bengal. Her father is a poor farmer. She is a 2nd year student in Nursing  at the Jhargram District Hospital. She came 1st in their institutional test scoring 78.2% in her 1st year exams. She is especially interested in Bio-Science and Microbiology. She works long, tiring hours in different wards, but her passion remains strong. Namita is a multi-talented girl and has won many awards for her drawing.  She is very grateful to her sponsors for their assistance and encouragement. Namita is a diligent student and shows  good potential in having successful career and a bright future.

CH Prayas | Sahil – Indus Bank

I belong to a poor family and the 5 of us live in a small rented house.  My father is a factory worker and my mother is a homemaker. As we grew, our expenses and the cost of living increased. It became tedious for my father to bear all expenses alone. I  completed high school but my siblings were still in school. I couldn’t continue my education nor find a job. My friend brought me to CHI-Prayas where I worked as a helper while studying for my computer diploma. Now, I  work in Indus Bank and earn INR 14,500/-. I am able to help my family financially. Next year I will send my brother after his 12th exam to CHI-Prayas to get his IT training. I really appreciate Children’s Hope India and wish it would grow more and help many more students like me.