On behalf of Children’s Hope India’s board, staff and the thousands of children we serve, we invite you to view the beautiful program at our 2021 Virtual Spring Luncheon, Celebrating the Power of Women.

This special event truly celebrated the power of women and will have a lasting impact on thousands of lives.

We were humbled by this year’s line-up: from the extraordinary women honored–Rasika Reddy, Shriya Bhupal and Falu Shah–to the inspiring girls working so hard in CHI’s programs, to the dedicated women who founded our organization more than 28 years ago.

A special thank you to all of our event sponsors, donors and participants, whose generosity will help empower girls with education, mental health support, medical care, nutrition, and career building opportunities. For those of you who would still like to contribute, please know that donations are still gratefully accepted, as every gift–no matter how small–counts in this effort.