Budding Philanthropists

CH3 is the next generation of philanthropic leaders! A group of seven enthusiastic teenagers from the New York area, ages 13-16, they came together in early 2014 determined to make a difference.

Armed with new ideas and an awareness of global issues, they want to give back and share this consciousness with their peers and local communities. Dedicated to supporting Children’s Hope India, they are working hard to fundraise for the organization. We are grateful for their energy and commitment.


CH3 Board Members
Divya Advani
Milan Sani
Karishma Kamat
Annamaria Zisimatos
Rhea Manjrekar
Fatima Mukadum


Though still in its infancy, CH3 has already built significant positive momentum. They have held a number of local fundraisers, met with key stakeholders and generated positive press coverage. All these events raise awareness of CHI and the importance of investing in underprivileged and impoverished children’s futures.  [ APPLY TO BE A MEMBER OF CH3 ]

CH3’s Friendly Fundraiser

ch3_friendlysOne of CH3’s first initiatives was to raise $3000 to send two local homeless children to summer camp. The group held its first fundraiser at a Friendly’s, with 15% of all proceeds going to CH3’s fundraising efforts.

They also held a yoga fundraiser by partnering with the yoga studio ‘Om sweet Om’ in Port Washington.

Four months and three fundraisers later, the girls not only met their goal, but far surpassed it. They were able to raise over $12,000 and were able to send three kids to the eight-week Young People’s Day Camps this summer.