Below is an outline of what is expected of individuals on the CH2 board, as well as details on how the organization will in turn be responsible to them.  In order to be a CH2 board member in 2019, each person must explicitly confirm their acceptance of these conditions by completing and submitting the 2019 MEMBERSHIP AND NOMINATION FORM.

CH2 Board Member Responsibilities:

  1. Believe in the purpose and mission of Children’s Hope India, and do their best work possible to ensure that the organizational goals are achieved.
  2. Stay informed about what’s going on in the organization.
  3. Attend at least 75% of CH2 activities – including meetings & events.
  4. Actively participate in CH2 initiatives and fundraising activities
  5. Provide an updated bio for website (1 paragraph)
  6. Complete and submit form/nominations by Jan 18th. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS FORM
  7. Suggested donation for joining CH2 Board is $50 / yr – CLICK HERE TO MAKE PAYMENT

CHI Board Responsibilities:

  1. Provide guidance and advisory support to CH2 committees
  2. Empower CH2 with collateral, resources and information – including organizational updates and project updates
  3. Open communication and access to CHI Board members – to answer questions, discuss responsibilities, etc.