Budding Philanthropists

CH3 was founded in 2014 by 6 passionate teens from Long Island with the mantra – Children Helping Children. Since then, it has grown tremendously and now has 3 chapters on Long Island, in Manhattan, and in New Jersey. From creative fundraising to team building events and spreading awareness on the go, CH3 members are resolute in their mission. The funds raised go towards serving underprivileged children in their communities. In the years to come, the plan is to think out of the box and come up with fun and innovative ideas to fundraise and use social media as a tool to share their message.

Founding CH3 Board Members

Divya Advani, Karishma Kamat, Rhea Manjrekar, Fatemah Mukadum, Milan Sani

CH3 Manhattan-New Jersey Team

  • Saira Babbar – Team Leader
  • Sonia Luhana – Team Leader
  • Shivani Sakhrani
  • Farah Kurani
  • Aanya Sethi
  • Mira Sethi
  • Rania Dadlani
  • Krishna Jhangimal
  • Shon Chellaram
  • Annika Melwani
  • Sarina Saluja
  • Armaan Budhrani
  • Anisa Shah
  • Rihaan Shah
  • Riana Wadhwani

CH3 Long Island Team

  • Dylan Uttamchandani- Team leader
  • Patrick LaBarca – Team Leader
  • Umika Hathiramani
  • Devin Awatramani
  • Jai Dillon
  • Arjun Parasher
  • Shilpa Arora
  • Anish Pyalla

CH3 Supporters

  • Rohan Manjrekar (Team Leader)
  • Jesse Kohli (Team Leader)
  • Rishab Bhatia
  • Shania Jagda
  • Matt LaBarca
  • Alina Nodrat
  • Ria Parasher
  • Kush Malhotra (Team Leader)
  • Henna Samtani (Team Leader)
  • Kabir Kurani
  • Anya Lulla
  • Karam Malhotra
  • Arya Vaswani
  • Resham Datwani (Team Leader)
  • Alysha Advani
  • Dylan Advani
  • Armaan Budhrani
  • Dilan Luhana
  • Sonia Luhana
  • Esha Mirchandani
  • Armaan Pamani
  • Riva Pardasani
  • Shivom Sadhwani
  • Rashmee Tolani
  • Ronak Tolani
  • Sameera Wadhwani


Social Impact

Though still in its infancy, CH3 has already built significant positive momentum. They have held a number of local fundraisers, such as a yoga event, walk-a-thon, spin classes and Bollywood Dance-Holi event; met with key stakeholders; and generated positive press coverage. All these events raise awareness of CHI and the importance of investing in underprivileged and impoverished children’s futures.

The causes that CH3 supports includes:

  • Sending homeless children to summer camp. They had a modest goal in their first year of sending 2 children to summer camp. The success of CH3 has subsequently enabled the organization to support the enrollment of over 50 children over the course of 5 summers.
  • Support of the Harlem Street Squash program. CH3 will sponsor 4 children over the next several years to participate in the Harlem Summer Squash program, receiving scholarship funds for college.
  • Participating in the annual turkey distribution where clothing, turkey and trimmings are provided to underprivileged children in the local communities.
  • Providing holiday gifts to children in homeless shelters.
  • Distributing backpacks and school supplies to underprivileged children attending elementary and middle school. Click here to see a video of the Backpack Distribution event.
  • Many CH3 members also visit CHI reciprocal schools in India.

CH3 Community

Outside of coming together to make a difference in other children’s lives, CH3 members have found that the organization makes a difference in their OWN lives. They come together as friends to share in their accomplishments and to get to know one another better. Social events include paint nights, group chats, and get-togethers after meetings.

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