Celebrating 30 Years of Children’s Hope India

Our Opportunity

With the 30/30 Initiative, we have a tremendous opportunity to make a real and lasting difference in the
lives of young children, students, and young people who left school–and ultimately, entire communities by replicating the comprehensive model CHI has spent decades refining.

In 2022 with 5 pioneer partners, we launched our 30/30 Education Initiative across India. bringing CHI’s
cradle-to-career approach. The model begins with a solid foundation in Early Childhood Education to
prepare preschoolers for formal school.
An innovative new program that:

  • Partners with hard to reach, high-need communities such as red-light areas, urban slums rural
    villages and refugee settlements, which do not benefit from government programs and schools.
  • Adopts the Whole Child Approach, which research shows leads to a student pass rate well above
    the national average.
  • Convenes recognized experts from across disciplines and fields to develop holistic content and programming.
  • Provides online tutoring, teacher training, parent support groups, remedial education.

The highly-replicable CHI Education Model is designed to be a flexible learning space to meet the
educational needs of residents of all ages and fill the gaps left by government education. CHI has
partnered with reputed educationalists, giving our teachers a strong foundation in child development and
educational pedagogy. Technology, health, and mental health, three essential components to the Whole
Child, are emphasized to prepare children— rural & urban— to meet the needs of the competitive world of employment.