Dina Pahlajani – President and Cofounder

Dina Pahlajani, MD is the cofounder and president of the organization. She is a practicing pediatrician with Physician Partners, Northwell Health in Long Island, NY. In addition to her passion for helping children, she is also interested in global medicine and has led medical missions to India and El Salvador. She is a member of Nassau Pediatric Society and sits on its Charity Committee.

Moneesha Sani – Vice President

Moneesha Sani grew up in India and received a Bachelor’s Degree in economics and sociology from St. Xavier’s College. She has lived in Mumbai, San Francisco and New York and traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, bringing a unique perspective to the organization. Moneesha is a real estate agent with Douglas Elliman and is involved with the Arthritis Foundation, in addition to her energetic dedication to CHI. Moneesha has served for the past 11 years on the Benefit Committee for the Children’s Hope Luncheon. She likes to get people together in creating a more engaged world, and is an avid reader, animal lover and enjoys the outdoors.

Maya Rajani – Treasurer

Maya Rajani is the owner and president of Infocache Corporation, a data management services company. She brings to the board expertise in strategic planning, corporate development, and marketing. Maya was also the most recent president of CHI.

Lavina Melwani – Cofounder & Director of Innovation & Strategy

Lavina Melwani

A cofounder and former president of CHI, Lavina has been involved in every aspect of the organization since its inception–from fundraising to creative partnerships, publicity, and social media. Lavina graduated from the University of Delhi with a degree in history honors, and lived in Hong Kong, Africa and the US. An award-winning journalist who has written for several international publications including India Today, The Hindu and the Wall Street Journal, she also publishes the online lifestyle portal Lassi with Lavina and has blogged for the Smithsonian.

Nisha Bharwani – Board Member


A graduate of the prestigious St. Mira’s College in Pune, Nisha has over twenty years of small business accounting and administration experience, and her professionalism and leadership in managing CHI’s financial accounting has been productive. Nisha is passionate about providing educational and development opportunities to children who want to achieve. She is actively involved with CHI projects in India and commutes between the two countries to supervise projects and interact with the India chapter of CHI.

Kavita Lund – Board Member

Kavita Lund is a long-standing member of the Executive Board of CHI for the last 26 years. She has served as President of CHI for 4 years, Treasurer for 7 years and Vice President for 3 years. She is currently Treasurer of The Forest Hills Montessori School and has been there since its inception over 4 decades ago. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Economics and Mathematics. Kavita has a strong background in the Non-Profit field and her empathy, dedication and compassion have been with her since her childhood.

Gigi Ramnani – Board Member

Gigi Ramnani

Kavita (Gigi) Ramnani is the president and owner of Stanford Care Center, an early-childhood education facility, with multiple locations based in New York. Prior to Stanford Care Center, Gigi worked at Price Waterhouse and various family owned businesses. Gigi graduated from New York University with a B.S. in Economics. Outside of the workplace, Gigi enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking and enjoying the arts. Gigi also sits on the executive committee of the Babes Against Cancer.

Sagorica Rudra – Board Member

Sagorica Rudra

Sagorica has been a board member of CHI since 1995 and previously served as secretary. She has spearheaded the silent auction at the annual gala and other charity events, and has overseen CHI’s programs in Kolkata, India. Rudra entered the financial services industry in 1993, after earning an MBA in International Finance from St. John’s University.

Radha Vanjani – Co-founder and Board Member

Radha Vanjani is the president of Teachers Placement Group as well as a founding member of CHI. She has served as a treasurer of CHI in past years and is currently the head of the Journal Committee for producing the Annual Gala and the CHI newsletter. Radha travels to India every year and visits CHI projects regularly. She has a Masters in nutrition from MLB college in Bhopal, India.