Children’s Hope India’s goal is to support our brightest students coming from the poorest economic backgrounds and give them quality education and the necessary tools to compete in the 21st century.  In the early years, CHI’s efforts were focused on enrolling students in school and keeping them there until Grade X.  With this new scholarship program, CHI is able to extend our support to underprivileged, yet highly motivated, children to include education beyond Grade X—initially for the first year of pre-university courses and first year of Polytechnic diplomas, continuing beyond that to the completion of an undergraduate program based on awardees’ success in meeting specific benchmarks (namely continuation of education, annual academic performance, regularity in attendance and good conduct).

Historically it has most often been girls who, due to limited resources, have been pulled out of school as families have preferred to educate boys.  Yet we know that the education of the girl child is highly correlated with personal health and longevity as well as the prosperity of the entire community.   As such, 50% of the scholarships in the CHI-Tandon Scholarship Program will be reserved for girls.

The program is a merit-cum-means scholarship program (preference given to the poorest of the poor with an excellent academic background).  Scholarships initially will be granted to students from CHI’s Ekalavya Schools in Hyderabad and EK Asha School in Mumbai, with students from all CHI schools to be eligible in a future expansion of the program.  For more information about the CHI-Tandon Higher Education Scholarship Program, or if you wish to set up a scholarship or sponsor college education for a year, please contact us.