Lifting Up Entire Communities

To make a difference in a child’s life, we must address the environment in which they live. 

As part of our mission, Children’s Hope India takes a holistic approach to our work and where possible, aims to improve conditions in entire communities.

One central focus of our community-based activities is supporting women and girls. We want to ensure that boys are taught to respect girls. We want to teach girls to respect themselves and expect that respect from others. To that end, our initiatives include:

  • Empowering girls and women with self-defense learning
  • Supporting women’s self-help groups
  • Facilitating microfinance loans for female entrepreneurs 
  • Raising awareness about hygiene and sanitation issues and practices
  • Keeping residents informed about relevant laws and available resources and assistance

Our community initiatives reach all ages. In our project in a New Delhi slum, for example, adults participate in our HIV and tuberculosis awareness workshops and children come to enjoy our holiday fairs at Christmas time and for Diwali, Indian New Year. In addition to these activities, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities we support, by:

  • Hosting medical camps and clinics in slums, villages and rural environments
  • Organizing fun holiday fairs and celebrations
  • Connecting individuals and families to government assistance and aid programs
  • Supporting new solar lighting technology in villages in Maharashtra

“My whole family is thankful to Children’s Hope Prayas, which has changed our lives.”

–Jaswant, who participated in Children’s Hope Prayas’ educational initiatives and vocational training. Now an electrician, his two younger brothers are participating in the program and his mother takes part in the community self-help group.

Community Initiative Projects