Children’s Hope Buzz – Winter Wine and Wishes

“I wish that my family could pay our electricity bill because I would really like to study in the evenings but I can’t. Also, every morning I wake up with 5 new mosquito bites and I don’t like it.” – Laxmi, 8

”I wish that we had more computers because I love computer class but I get impatient having to wait my turn!”- Mansi, 13

”I wish that I could go for driver training. I LOVE cars and everything mechanical.” – Jeetu, 16.

Meet Laxmi, Mansi, Jeetu – real children with modest dreams living in the rough and tumble of slum  dwellings in Nallasopora, Mumbai. All of them are part of Ek Asha, a program funded by Children’s Hope in partnership with One International.  Recently 35 children voiced their innermost wishes and Children’s Hope gathered its supporters and donors at Winter, Wine and Wishes, an event which was held at Saffronart Space in the Fuller Building in  Manhattan on February 28, 2013.


Guests at Winter Wine & Wishes. Photo – Juhi Desai

These wishes ranging from $25 to $200 were displayed throughout the gallery space to raise awareness and support. Over 100 young professionals turned up for this event, raising $6500 and making all the wishes a reality for these children.