Every Child Deserves A Quality Education

This belief is behind everything we do and inspires our “cradle to career” approach.

With nearly 30% of Indian children not making it to secondary school, 20 million children with no early childhood education, and the majority of children not learning at grade level, we recognize that millions of children are not getting the access they deserve. This is particularly true for children from marginalized communities where there are many roadblocks. 

In response, Children’s Hope India supports a wide range of education projects. A key focus for Children’s Hope India is creating an equal playing field so that girls have the same opportunities to go to school as boys. From nursery schools and day-care centers, to mobile schools and informal learning, from accredited schools to remedial education and coaching, we are dedicated to ensuring that the greatest number of children get in school, stay in school and see the bright future they deserve. To learn more about these programs and participate in our ‘Educate a Child‘ program, click here or click on the button below to make a donation.

With the support of our donors, we have seen many success stories with children in India and in the United States to grow up to become doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, social workers, accountants, and officers of the Indian Air Force.

“My husband and I are very grateful to Children’s Hope India. Thanks to them our children could get education, even though we could not afford to educate them. The school helped our family cope with the financial constraint. We hope to see our children achieve their dreams.”

–Mother of two boys participating in a CHI project in Bhuj, Gujarat

Educational Projects