This past year has certainly been a challenging time for everyone. But for the marginalized children and families who participate in our programs, new barriers stand between them in education, health and nutrition. Across the board, our on-the-ground partners are reporting greater needs from participants. With limited resources and devices at home, students are unable to connect to virtual classes and communicate with their teachers and peers. At the same time, children with preventable eyesight conditions find themselves even further from critical surgeries. And finally, families, many of which were already struggling financially before the economic crisis hit, find it harder and harder to put food on the table.

With such a significant need this year, we are calling on the generosity of our CHI community to help us Give A Gift, Change A Life. Because one gift can change a child’s life forever.

  • A gift of $15 can feed one child for one month. We will provide a student in need with a year’s worth of nutritional midday meals. This meal is often the main meal of a child’s day and can make all the difference between a hungry child and one that can thrive.
  • A gift of $50 can reconnect a child to education. Without smartphones, tablets, laptops or WIFI, students in need now find themselves completely disconnected from the education they once enjoyed. Because every child deserves the right to learn, we will provide them with the digital device they need.
  • A gift of $200 can restore a child’s vision. A child with diminished vision doesn’t just miss his or her surroundings, but is more likely to suffer social and emotional trauma. Working with economically disadvantaged families from marginal communities, we will provide expert care and intervention to restore a child’s vision.

During this holiday season, we hope you will consider a gift to the Children’s Hope India Give A Gift, Change A Life campaign, no matter what the size. Your donation, no matter the amount, will go directly to those in need, not to operating costs.