CHI Higher Education Scholarship Program

Bhopal, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata

Tandon Scholarship Program

Through scholarships, we seek to support the brightest students coming from the poorest economic backgrounds and give them quality education and the necessary tools to succeed. Participating students must meet specific benchmarks (i.e., continuation of education, academic performance, attendance and conduct) and are supported from the earliest years through post-secondary education. Scholarships currently serve 106 students with great economic need.

CHI Educate A Child Program

Bhopal, India

Educate a Child

These programs seek to support underprivileged children with education. We enable students to attend school, we provide them with a nutritious midday meal, and we ensure their medical care by running a medical dispensary. Together, these programs serve approximately 237.

Children’s Hope India Girls School

Bhopal, India

Girls School

The Children’s Hope India Girls School seeks to empower girls through education. The school provides quality education in English, including medical and nutritional support, sports, arts, parenting involvement, and highly-trained teachers. The school serves approximately 800 girls (from 5th to 12th grade) who would not otherwise be able to attend school.

CHI Hope Foundation Nursery & Primary School

Bhuj, India

Hope Foundation Nursery & Primary School

The goal of this program is to provide education in this impoverished community. The K-8 school incorporates intuitive learning software, field trips, extracurricular activities, festival and holiday celebrations into the curriculum. Students also receive health and hygiene support, as well as nutrition. The school serves approximately 426 children (ages 3-14 years) and their families.

CHI Ekalavya Schools

Hyderabad and Bangalore, India

Eklavya School

The goal of this program is to provide formal education opportunities to underprivileged children. The fully-accredited school provides formal learning, skills training, eye and ENT care, dental care, nutrition, physical education, meditation. The school services approximately 645 children living in poverty primarily in slums (grade 1 to 10).

CHI-Jagati School

Jammu, India

Jagati School

This program is a unique partnership with the government of Jammu and Kashmir to offer a safe and engaging learning environment to the over 5,000 refugee families that live in this settlement. The renovated K-8 school includes a nursery program, a playground, and a computer center, as well as midday meals for students. The school serves approximately 190 students whose families have escaped violence in Kashmir.

CHI-UJAS Asha Kendra

Jodhpur, India

Through this program, we seek to provide marginalized refugee children and families with essential educational and economic opportunities, including successful transition into the formal education system. Our program provides preschool for 3-5 year olds, remedial learning for those in school to prevent drop-outs, non-formal education opportunities in math, science, English and Hindi in order to transition students into the formal education system, as well as support to access citizenship and aid programs. The program serves 122 children and their families.

CHI-Shishur Sevay

Kolkata, India

Shishur Sevay

We seek to provide a safe home for at-risk girls who have been abandoned or orphaned. The program is inclusive and individualized, designed to serve girls with special needs, giving them a loving, nurturing, and rewarding life through education, rehabilitation, and social skill development. The program supports 15 girls. 

CHI Society for Children’s Welfare 

Kolkata, India

Society for Children’s Welfare

The goal of this program is to ensure that the children most in need are able to receive life saving surgeries and care, no matter the cost or complexity. We underwrite heart surgeries, eye surgeries, and scholarships for children every year. The program serves approximately 135 children per year. This program will be discontinued in June 2020.

CHI Ek Asha School

Mumbai, India

EK Asha School

The purpose of this program is to provide access to education for underprivileged children whose parents work as day laborers, domestic workers and rickshaw pullers. In addition to formal schooling, children also get access to vocational training programs, such as woodworking and computer classes, medical care, sports, arts and a midday meal. The program serves 250 children (kindergarten to 12th grade).

CHI-Mobile Medical Unit

Mumbai, India

Mobile Medical Unit

Through this program we seek to ensure that even children and families in the most remote villages of India can access health services. The van provides check-ups, immunizations, medicines, iron and multivitamin supplements, information sessions on topics like HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis and focuses on combating anemia in women and low BMI in children. The van serves approximately 21,000 people in rural and impoverished areas.

CHI Hole in the Wall

New Delhi, India

Hole in the Wall

The goal of this program is to bring technology-enabled learning to children living in the Vikaspuri slum. Our Hole-In-The-Wall learning kiosks provide an important outlet for children who live in poverty and whose parents mostly work as domestic laborers, rickshaw pullers, daily wage laborers, and shop owners. The program serves between 30 and 40 children ages 6-14.

CHI Sisters of the People / Sagnam Vihar Balwadi

New Delhi, India

Sisters of the People

This program seeks to foster an environment of learning and play for very young children, and free older siblings to go to school and mothers to work. Our day care and nursery programs teach children about numbers, colors, shapes, songs, poems, dance, and sports. The program currently serves 80 children (3 to 5-year-olds).


New Delhi, India

This program seeks to provide a safe and encouraging learning environment to keep young children off the street. The program provides early childhood education, helps children transition into formal schooling and provides remedial tutoring. All participants receive a midday snack.  These programs serve children (ages 3-5) whose parents work as street performers, day laborers, and rag pickers.

CHI-Prayas Cradle-to-Career Program

New Delhi, India

CH Prayas

This community-based program seeks to empower vulnerable children and their families. The program provides comprehensive programming that includes a day care center, nonformal education, remedial learning, afterschool learning, school through grade 5, vocational training, computer training, awareness programs on social and gender issues, women’s empowerment groups, medical support and health camps, and access to government support. All participants receive a midday meal. These programs serve approximately 1,000 children whose parents work as street performers, day laborers, and rag pickers.

CHI-SBT Mobile School 

New Delhi, India

SBT Mobile School

Our goal through this mobile school is to provide educational opportunities for children with no access to school, particularly street children. With a dedicated team of professionals, the bus makes 2 hour-stops that include math, science, English and Hindi learning, fun learning activities, games, prayers and snacks. The bus serves approximately 300 children.

CHI Sight for the Sightless

Pune, India

Sight for the Sightless

This program’s goal is to help combat blindness and preventable eye disease in rural areas. We provide eye exams, glasses, and essential surgeries, as well as education for parents and teachers on eye health care and identifying eye disorders. To date, we have served more than 15,000 children.

CHI-BronxWorks After School STEAM Program

New York, NY

BronxWorks After-School STEAM Program

The STEAM program seeks to increase math and science achievement for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. At two locations in the Bronx, we offer a STEAM learning program that includes hands-on activities, such as robotics, and a rigorous curriculum. The program works with approximately 80 children between the ages of 5 and 13.

CHI Long Island Camp Scholarships

Nassau County, New York

This program seeks to give homeless children the chance to experience summer camp and encourage them to stay off the streets. Thanks to CHI scholarships, homeless children participate in six weeks of summer camp. Scholarships are granted to 25 homeless children.

CHI-WORC After School Tutorial Program

Nassau County, New York

WORC After-School Tutorial Program

Our program seeks to provide educational, social and emotional support to children whose parents are in the criminal justice system. We provide participating children with homework help, technology support and mentoring. The program serves approximately 50 children whose mothers are in the criminal justice system.