Empowering Young People For A Better Future

India’s economy is one of the biggest in the world, with steady growth over the last two decades. Unfortunately, many children and young adults are not able to take part in this economic growth because of their educational background and a dearth of skills.

That’s why Children’s Hope India invests in workforce training and skill attainment programs that serve both young women as well as young men. The goal of these programs is to help young people gain marketable skills that will offer them a chance at a better future.  Our projects support a variety of industry and subject areas:

  • Computers and information technology, including mobile phone repair
  • English language learning
  • Vocational skills like sewing and tailoring, woodworking, beauty services, driving and electrical engineering
  • Nursing and medical support

“I joined the adult literacy classes, which have not only made me literate but also made me aware of the responsibilities as a mother and encouraged me to send my children to proper schools so that they can live a bright future. Thank you for what I have become.”

–Saraswati, who participated in a CHI project in New Delhi that offered her sewing training and life skills and allowed her to become financially independent

Vocational Training Projects