Children’s Hope India is always seeking dedicated individuals who want to offer their services to help strengthen our mission. Whether you are a student, active professional, homemaker or retiree, you can assist us in our work. If you have a background in graphic design, are a good photographer, can organize events, or do any one of a myriad number of tasks—we need you to help make a difference by joining our efforts.  Contact us to discuss ways you can get involved.

Volunteers typically devote a minimum of two hours a week to support the organization. They work per their own schedule and collaborate with representatives of the organization to create change.


CH2 raised $9k at an NYC event, and worked with Project Chirag to light up an entire village on the west coast of India with solar power. Volunteers installed solar panels and lanterns on each home. Note: 70,000 villages in India are off the power grid.

Committed and Passionate Volunteers

We have several examples of professionals, students, and retirees who have partnered with us. One such example is the group of dynamic students who are part of “The Indian Sub-continental Club” (ISC) at University of California, Irvine. ISC has been an influential and active non-profit student organization for over two decades. The goal of ISC is to unite the students of UC Irvine whose cultural roots come from that of the Indian sub-continent: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Every year ISC holds numerous activities to spread cultural awareness and provide a place where students from similar backgrounds can meet and interact. In 2013, ISC hosted their first annual Philanthropy Week and supported Children’s Hope India. They not only raised donations for us but also helped raised awareness about our work.

Inspired? This is your chance to create sustainable change, tackle a challenging project, and generate awareness to improve the lives of impoverished children in India.

Here are some ways to support Children’s Hope India:

    • Help organize events or arrange sponsorship for them. Send us your ideas.
    • Get CHI onto the list of approved charities at your place of work. Sign up a corporate sponsor.
    • Commemorate anniversaries/ weddings/ birthdays, by directing funds to Children’s Hope India.
    • Spread the word among friends, colleagues and family. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
    • Sign up online to be a CHI volunteer or download our volunteer application.   [Teenagers can volunteer online with CH3 or download this form]
    • Keep us informed about local events (concerts, plays etc.) that could serve as a platform to generate awareness about our work and meet potential donors.
    • Sign up for the CHI newsletter.