“Children’s Hope India has made a significant difference in the lives and futures of so many young people. Its efforts embody the spirit of charity and goodwill that characterizes our city—ensuring a brighter future for us all.”

–Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City

“Here I learn computers, Kathak, and Western dance. I do drama, I learn embroidery. In my off-time I like to read books, I have completed Shakespeare’s collection recently. My life has changed from there to here. Here, I feel I can achieve what I could not do there…I want to study hard to achieve something.”

–Rukshana, who participates in a CHI-funded project that serves children in the red-light area of Calcutta

“I was so inspired meeting the children in person…these children were so thankful, so grateful, and so touched that for me the gift came back ten-fold. If you realize how much you’ll be given…you’ll be as eager and as inspired to work with these amazing women.”

–Rachel Roy, fashion designer, after visiting a CHI project

“My husband and I are very grateful to Children’s Hope India. Thanks to them our children could get education, even though we could not afford to educate them. The school helped our family cope with the financial constraint. We hope to see our children achieve their dreams.”

–Mother of two boys participating in a CHI project in Bhuj, Gujarat

“My whole family is thankful to Children’s Hope Prayas, which has changed our lives.”

–Jaswant, who participated in Children’s Hope Prayas’ educational initiatives and vocational training. Now an electrician, his two younger brothers are participating in the program and his mother takes part in the community self-help group.

“I joined the adult literacy classes, which have not only made me literate but also made me aware of the responsibilities as a mother and encouraged me to send my children to proper schools so that they can live a bright future. Thank you for what I have become.”

–Saraswati, who participated in a CHI project in New Delhi that offered her sewing training and life skills and allowed her to become financially independent

“When I come to the school, I see the surroundings. The playground with grass on ground, big and beautiful trees, friends to play and learn lessons with and this all inspires me. I feel very nice being here.”

–Sham, seventh grade student in CHI-funded school in Bhuj, Gujarat

“Through your mission, Children’s Hope gives children the possibility of a brighter future. Your remarkable efforts have touched the lives of many children, improving their quality of life. We are grateful for your dedication to this important cause that not only strengthens families, but also communities.”

–Hillary Rodham Clinton